Horse Recuperation

Returning a horse to health and then fitness after an injury or vetinary procedure can be a traumatic process, which requires round the clock care and attention by specialists.

At Crieff Hydro Riding Centre we offer a horse recuperation service to help bring your horse back to health after any equine injury or condition requiring qualified services. For example:

Equine Therapy: Open Wounds and Surgery

We offer sanitised stabling in a quiet location to care for your horse after a medical procedure or injury where open wounds may need daily attention, cleaning and medication. We are proficient in bandaging and horse health and wellbeing to get your four legged friend back on his (or her…) feet in no time. Contact Us today for more details.

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Equine Therapy: Leg Injuries in Horses

We also offer a horse recuperation service for horses with leg injuries coming back in to work. Here our carefully trained instructors will slowly and carefully bring your horse back in to work after a tendon injury or ligament injury – or just about any other injury you can think of – we can work with you to fix it. Contact Us today for more details.

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