At Crieff Hydro Riding Centre, we care about horses just as much as you do, so we know how important is to keep them happy, cosy and comfortable when you’re off having fun.

That’s why we have a full range of flexible equestrian livery options specially tailored to suit you and horse, with free friendly advice upon request. And when you join us, you’ll become a livery member and have access to a great range of offers and discounts. Just let us know when you are coming and we’ll take care of the rest.

small-horse2Livery options

Working Livery

We can also take care of your horse or pony in exchange for helping us with horse riding services and other fun activities here at the Riding Centre. Reduce your livery costs whilst maintaining your normal farrier fees and overheads. Your horse will enjoy regular exercise, whilst getting the chance to roam around our fantastic 900 acre estate here at The Hydro.

For this your horse would need to be assessed by our qualified instructors to ensure the safety of our riders.

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Spaces Available 2019 – a limited number of spaces are now available for livery (full and DIY)
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Full Livery

With Full Livery, you get the works. All essential horse care services such as holding your horse for shoeing, clipping, mucking out, feeding and bedding are all included and completely flexible to suit the needs of you and your horse.

Our experienced and enthusiastic staff are dedicated to making sure your four-legged friends feel safe and at home, giving you peace of mind should you need whilst living life to the max.

We will help you find the right feeding plan for your horse, or you can advise our team of your preferred diet for your horse, but you can supply alternative feeding should you wish another diet for your horse.

Spaces are now available – contact us for more information

Part Livery

Part livery is also available and great for busy or demanding lifestyles. Just let us know your needs and availability and we’ll collate a schedule that works for you, while making sure your horses and ponies are tucked in safely and taken extra special care of. We will discuss your special requirements when you join us to ensure we set up the best care plan for you and your horse.

Put your name on the waiting list and we will contact you shortly to confirm availability / stable waiting period.

DIY Livery

‘Do it yourself’ and take the reins of your horse with your very own stable. You call the shots with this one but help is always on hand if you need it. Here you are given your allocated stable, feed section and tack locker and ‘Do it yourself’. We can help with added extras if and when needed, such as, turn out, blacksmith duties and clipping.

Turnout is available all year round at an additional small cost, as well as full advice and instruction from our friendly riding centre team. Haylage and bedding can be purchased from the yard at an advantageous price, so you can make your horses stay a comfortable one with the least amount of stress for you.

Spaces are now available – contact us for more information

Grass Livery

With grass livery you can take care of your horse in your own time on our fantastic 900 acre Crieff Hydro estate. This offers a more natural lifestyle for more hardy horses, with a lower cost as it doesn’t include stabling.

We do, however, also offer add-on use of our indoor and outdoor arenas and jumps to ensure you enjoy our fantastic horse riding facilities. We also have safe tie up areas and day stables upon request for you to groom and tack up safely.

Put your name on the waiting list and we will contact you shortly to confirm availability / stable waiting period.